A veteran of the film industry, Lisa Arnold is an award winning director, writer and producer.  Her films include “God’s Not Dead”, “One Nation Under God”, “Caged No More”, “Camp Cool Kids”, “Because of Gracia", “Beautifully Broken”, “Ticket To Nashville”, “This Is Our Time”, “Letting Go”, “Flywheel” and “Christmas Angel”.  Lisa is the President of Check The Gate Productions and has a visionary ability for storytelling.  An advocate for family & female-driven films, Lisa strives to create stories that will inspire and challenge us in a positive way. Ms. Arnold speaks at film festivals across the country encouraging each of us to use our gifts and talents for a greater purpose.  She is a member of Christian Women In Media, Louisiana Film & Entertainment Association and mentors other faith-based filmmakers in the US. She was honored by the International Christian Film Festival as the first recipient of the OUTSTANDING WOMEN IN FILM award.  She received the same acclamation from Kingdomwood International Film Festival. 2019 projects for Ms. Arnold and CTG include three powerful stories based on true events - “Miss”, “Virginia’s Diary”, and “Fulfilled”.